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Be Street Weeknd 2012 – Urban Festival (Video Recap)

Here is the video recap of the first edition of the Be Street Weeknd at La Cité de la Mode et du Design (Paris). On December 15th and 16th, Be Street reunited the best urban brands in a huge pop-up store, host a great array of international artists, along with a massive line up of DJ’s and bands playing live. We couldn’t explain what we felt with words, so, we hope you’re going to understand with this great video recap. If you weren’t with us, here is what you missed! See you soon for new awesome adventures!

Jason Edmiston – Exclusive Design for the #bestreetweeknd

To celebrate the #bestreetweeknd, we worked on exclusive projects with our special guests. Numbered and signed posters, t-shirts, sweats and other collaborations… we’re going to propose you crazy stuffs before Xmas. After Hydro74, here is the exclusive design from Jason Edmiston. It is an insane painting with a mash up between Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. Catch fights were better before and we prove it to you with this cool illustration. To get your t-shirt, your sweat or the poster in limited edition… click HERE!

Be Street Weeknd – Urban Festival at la Cité de la Mode et du Design

Today, we want to present to you one of the most ambitious event we ever work on. Imagine a festival with art, music and fashion (same spirit than our magazine !) and multiply by 1000… Here is the Be Street Weeknd. Celebrating the festive season before anyone else (december 15th & 16th 2012), we’ll be reuniting the best urban brands in a huge Pop-up Store, host a great array of international artists featuring performances and unprecedented expos in Europe Hydro74, L’Amour Supreme, Jason Edmiston, Buff Monster, Mcbess, Ian MacArthur, Nikibi), along with a massive line up of DJ’s and bands playing live (Stalley, South Central, Klever, RoxXxan, Foamo, Kid North…). We have a number of surprises to reveal over the coming weeks… So make sure to watch this space for further updates for the Be Street Weeknd is the end-of-the-year event you won’t want to miss! Good news, you can buy now your pass (one or two days) in order to be sure to share this incredible experience with us!

Be Street iPhone Cases

We found the cases a little bit sad, so we decided to make our own, the Be Street ones. Something you can’t buy everywhere for the simple and the only reason that it’s our exclusivity. Three insane designs of Jason Edminston (Tribute to Mickael Jackson, Pee Wee and Ghost Murray) and two of our big friend Nikibi (Mormons world and Rocky Show). We didn’t forget the technique aspects of the cases. It is made in France and great 3D impression. Your iphone 4 et 4S need it!

Be Street Collection FW’12-13

Here is one more episode for Be Street Collection with the new FW’12-13 collection. As usual, we worked all the aspects to surprise you. The aesthetic, of course, with a team of insane artists and illustrators but also the feeting, the garments and the colors. You need to discover by yourself our new washed effects, the Red Wine, Dark Blue and Stone Grey colors and also our exclusive collaboration with artist Jason Edminston (with his famous Tribute to MJ, Pee Wee and the classic Ghost Murray). To be the first to buy it, go on our new ONLINE SHOP!

Jason Edmiston – Creative Process

With his acrylics, Jason Edminston is an artist who has marked the pages of our magazine. When you look to his paintings, you don’t necessarily understand the required talent. The images are more powerful than the words and to explain his creative process, he posted a series of pictures that describes the various steps until the final paintings. Even if he show us the “Behind the scenes”, it is still impressive!

Be Street L.A Trip Day 18 – Adult Swim at Gallery 1988

In order to finish our L.A Trip with a great exhibition, we continued the night in the Gallery 1988 with Johnny Cupcakes. Adult Swim, the famous tv channel was celebrated by a hundred artists such as Jason Edmiston, Olly Moss, Todd Slater, Audrey Pongracz, Kevin Tong and several others… They used their skills in order to pay a tribute to all the characters and shows. We’re just going to talk about the Justin Bieber octopus (because we’re professionals!) and let you wait until we’ll post our video recaps!

Photos Mlle Shu

Jason Edmiston interview in Be Street #14

Jason Edmiston, its fun, exaggerated, surrealistic, off-beat pop eye candies would respectfully reinterpret pop gods, icons and myths. The artist has been painting acrylics using unique tones and techniques for a few years now. His works give us back something indefinable we thought was long gone. In this last issue of Be Street #14, Jason talks about his art, explaining how he works and his way of thinking each painting. Speaking of his childhood and his life, you will meet the person behind the acrylics. A long and interesting interview which allows to appreciate his incredible works more.

Be Street #14 “Fall Issue” – A first look…

Perhaps we are subjected to a mechanism of denial. A frequent issue with dissidents. After all, the world still sends out thank you notes to the Lehman Brothers and moves our spiritual empires about. Sometimes it’s better to bury our heads in phantasmagorical explanations and ignore the images they consistently try to eye-stab us with. And if there is a God, let him know that down here, he’s required to wear a bulletproof vest because men are firing red canon balls. We’ve all dreamt of the great adventure. The impulsive type surprising you when you least expect it. The kind that throws you in the sand, the grass or into a frenetic crowd, screaming out her lungs for the greater cause. The kind that comes from behind, rakes out every cavity that’s ever dreamt of the great escape and leaves you lying there empty, but with the feeling of having taken that fateful leap in the name of all those who couldn’t…

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